In Norway, we are proud of our collective spirit. I guess thats not very unique for us? We go together, do something thats is for the good for others, for more than ourselves, and maybe the things we do not even effect ourselves directly. Unselfishness.
(Norwegian version)

I think we humans feel a great joy to be able to help, allowed to contribute, like to be invited to make a difference for others. It’s good to know that the things that you do,  has a meaning and can make a difference. That you can contribute to positive change. For me this is so, and I think I’m a pretty normal person with fairly common emotions.



It is not a coincidence that we have called the initiative MEandYou and not ME and You. We will do this together, close together, in a collective effort.

Both the sick and the relatives, friends, colleagues – “ordinary people” – who goes together, make a difference and rekindle the light of knowledge where it is dark and little knowledge.

Now I feel fresh. I do not know how long it lasts. The medicin I receive, Rituximab, has only an effect for some time, to ME, as in all other diseases this medicine is used for. This means that I can now help those who can do less, those who have less than me. I’ve dedicated 90 days to MEandYou. 90 days is a period of time that I know in any case that I am healthy.

It´s 87 days left again. For me it’s a race against time.

Join us.



All you healthy can help the sick. The sick are too ill to walk this path alone. Some of the sick has fallen into an unmanageable financial situation. They´ve  lost their jobs. Their social life. Studies. The capability of playing with friends. Did you know that we get donations of 3 USD from those who has nothing to spare, but still WANTS to contribute? It´s not fare. It is still not completely wrong. But it would be more appropriate if you, who have more, can give and help those who have less.



7 million NOK. 140 ME patients to Haukeland Hospital. To 90 days.
We can do this together. MEandYou.

To participate in this voluntary cooperation:

Invite everyone you know to participate. Share this record.
Like us on Twitter and Facebook, write comments and click “like” and share our records.
Use payment options and share and invite with to everyone you know.

Thank you. Thank you for not only went ahead and ignored this. We know there are many good things.

Sincerely and on behalf of the Board,


And…psst: 7 million kroner is 1.2 USD/940 000 EUR. 50 000 NOK per person/8700/USD6700 EUR. Peanuts.


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