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I’m wondering if you can inform people about the following through the society’s website/blog/forum as I think some would like to know about this so they could give their support (It is also a good general interest ME story, seeing Maria is so well from the Rituxan infusions and able to now do what she is doing.)

Maria Gjerpe, Medical Doctor and ME patient for many years, has started an association called MEandYou. The aim of MEandYou is to raise money for the very important phase 3 study of Rituxan in ME/CFS patients, conducted by Dr Mella and Dr Fluge at Haukeland Hospital in Norway. If this study ends up vertifying the previous findings, it could bring better health to many ME/CFS patients and help to make many well again. All that is needed verification is just this one last study.

The goal of the MEandYou initiative is to crowdfund 7 million NOK/ 940436 EUR/1.2 million USD in 90 days, to finance 140 ME-patients for third phase of the Rituxan study at Haukeland Hospital. Without funding this study can not go ahead.

MEandYou launched March 6th and will end on in June 4th. Within the first 10 days they raised and handed over half a million NOK to Dr Mella and Dr Fluge for the study. This is enough to fund the drug for 10 of the ME/CFS study patients. Please spread the word about this study and the need for funding and this 90 day fundraising initiative. These findings could help so many if vertified by the phase 3 study.

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Why only a “90 day” fundraising initative to raise money for the study?

Maria, who is on Rituxan, explains:

«As some of you will know, Rtx has to be infused regularly to keep me healthy. If we look at the data from the phase 2 study, 80% get sick again without it after a certain period of time.

After my next infusion in a few days, I am not going to get any more. I do not know how long I will stay well and healthy, as I am now.

To ensure that I am capable to handle this enormous job I’ve set out to do together with those of you who want to join in, and to be sure that I’m not going to be sick and bedridden during the crowdfunding, I’ve decided that 90 days is the limit. This initiative is what I choose to use all my healthy time to do.

This is actually a race against time. Use me now, and the tools I’ve provided, while I am healthy. I might not be well enough in 4 months.

I’ve always said that the healthy ones are obligated to help the sick when I was sick myself. Now it’s my turn. I do my very best, and getting knowledge and science into this field has been my only goal for years. Now we can do this together. If we want to.

 This is an initiativ that is going to work fast and focused towards one target: 

Raise money through crowdfunding 7 million NOK/ 940436 EUR/1.2 USD in 90 days to finance 140 ME-patients for third phase of the Rituxanstudy at Haukeland Hospital. And that, my friends, is what we are going to do. And the BEST part is, we are going to do it together.

One person can’t achieve much, but together we can do everything. Invite your friends. Most of them want to join, if you tell them about MEandYou. This is only about money. Small amounts from a huge crowd will make the science continue.

Spread info to your friends and relatives, if you want to invite them to MEandYou. http://www.meyou.no/this-is/

Haukeland University Hospital’s website on this and Maria’s fundraising efforts http://www.helse-bergen.no/aktuelt/nyheter/Sider/140-pasientar-7-millionar-kroner-90-dagar.aspx

Maria blogging about her initiativ: http://mariasmetode.no/2013/03/140-pasienter-7-millioner-kroner-90-dager/

Research on ME/CFS: Studies on myalgisk encefalomyelitt

For more information:
MEandYou on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MEYOU.no
MEandYou on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MEandYouFund
MEandYou Website: www.meyou.no

MEandYou made some cool and informativ badges, that are free downloads. Scroll down for the dynamic badges!


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