In 90 days, Maria Gjerpe, a medical doctor and patient, had the idea, planned and completed a crowdfunding for a clinical trial on 140 ME-patients at Haukeland Hospital in Norway. Donations came from all corners of the world in something that grew to a movement, with the dedicated Facebook page as the main channel.


NOK 2 775 787 (2 millioner, 775 tusen!)
USD 474 484 (474 thousand dollars!)
GBP 305 941 (305 thousand pound!)
EUR 355 156 (355 thousand euro!)

from thousands of people from all over the world. Internett makes the world small. When people join in, walk in same direction, small steps makes a long journey – and great achievements.

For a quick summary of the campaign, please read the article
MEandYou and All of Us: 90 Days of Stunning Achievement and a Look to the Future



This is one of the campaign video, where the Norwegian Prime Minister shows her support:

I, Maria Gjerpe, is a Norwegian medical doctor and an ME-patient. I had very good effect myself of Rituximab and now feels completely healthy, after receiving several injection of medicine from the scientist. I had my last injection of Rituximab March 15th 2013.
For a period of time, I have a healthy window. During that period, for  90 days, I want to crowdfund a larger clinical trial on Rituximab, the drug that makes me healthy. There are strong reasons to believe that the drug has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of other ME patients healthier as well. I am is the Founder and Chairman of the board at MEandYou. I am also battling against my healthy time.
Read the media release for more information. 


Join me, Maria, and thousands of others that want treatments and knowledge about a poorly understood illness. Be a part of something that could be a medical breakthrough and a change-maker in this field

MEandYou is fundraising the cost for 140 ME sufferers to be a part of a clinical trial on Rituxan at Haukeland Hospital’s cancer ward. The cost is 1,2 million USD,  55 000 Norwegian kroner each. We are going to do it in 90 days.

The Rituxan study at Haukeland Hospital, presented in PlosOne autumn 2011, showed the most promising results worldwide for ME/CFS sufferers. Two thirds had good or moderat effect. The bigger RCT study has not been granted sufficient economical support from the official healthcare system to continue their research.

ME/CFS is a poorly understood, but debilitating, neuro-immunological illness with no or little treatment, that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Have you ever thought about how much the society would save by getting just a few of those sufferers back to work and as participents of the community?

What if it turns out that the research you as an individual supports, will be a breakthrough in the medical field? What if you are one of those people who in a few years can say that, yes, I was a part of it! This might be your chance. The patients, the families, the friends pass those well-established channels and contribute funds directly to the research projects we want to support, so that they become a reality. Do you want to be a part of it?

We can do it. MEandYou.

                              1.2 USD. 140 patients. 90 days.  

Take part by donating and by inviting friends!

Use PayPal account or credit card, and donate:


Issue a bank transfer:

MEandYou, Fredenborgveien 24 D, 0177 Oslo, Norway (IMPORTANT: MEandYOu in one word)

IBAN NO2424800845633


                                               This is MEandYou



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