Update 01.01.2014.

Takk! Thank you!

Studien på ME-syke og utprøving av medisinen Rituximab vi alle var med å finansiere, skal nå starte opp.
The study on ME-suffers and a clinical trial on the medication Rituximab we alle got togehter to finance, are now starting up

Vi har derfor nå stengt ned innbetalingsmulighetene. Kontroller at du ikke har satt opp en fast giversum.
We have now shut down the possibilities for donate. Please check that you do not have a monthly payment agreement with your bank.




This site has been a dedicatedt site I made specially for MEandYou. If you are looking for me, Dr. Maria Gjerpe, you may find me at http://mariasmetode.no/


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  1. In the Short Takes Section of the CFS Report, I put some links and an explanation of the need for this worthy effort! I thank you Maria, and I wish you and your effort the best!

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  15. I am trying to donate £10.00 to your cause. It’s taking over an hour to try and sort out how to send the transfer by computer. Someone else has to do it for me. When we finally get to the end on the screen, the charge will be £9.50. I am not sending it. There must be an easier way for all the people with ME to donate. All those who don’t use computers won’t have even heard of you. I only heard about this yesterday, I believe it’s been going since April. You are missing out on a great number of people who would support you, because everything is through bloody computers, those with ME can’t face it. Is there an easier way? Ian

    • Hei Ian,
      Thank you for your comment and that you have tried so hard to donate!

      Yes, doing payment from bank-to-bank, may be very costly. That depends on how much your own bank charge you.

      If you use PayPayl, it will usually be much cheaper. You do not need a PayPal-account to do so.

      I perfectly understand your point on that it should be easier to participate. But: I am sorry, but even if some tend to believe that its a “whole team” that is behind MEandYou, it’s not. It’s only me, Maria, that is doing all the work, although there are some helping out with bits and pieces here and there.

      I live in Norway, I am only one person. That means that I am only able to use social media to fundraise the money for this study on ME-sufferers. What I hope for, is that you will help each other, both to spread the word and help donating.

      All the best to you,

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