This is a page for you, the supporters and the ones that want to participate and join in and be a part of MEandYou.

This is “down to top”. It´s all about people and what they can do together. Those with little money and those with a lot. They can contribute in different ways, and when I started, I did not know what kind of tools they needed to be empowered as ambassadors for MEandYou. This is Tech mixed with social media, given people the tools te be empowered and be the change themselves. I am not MEandYou.  I made the path.  All that contribute is MEandYou. I say “go with us”.

Invite your friends: Walk with us 

Different tools that I and contributers have made is:
– Things they can put on their site to invite people to donate and the posters are for the shops
– This is a letter they can send to their community to explain:
– This is a letter to friends. It is the healthy who shall help the sick:
– There will be a PPT which everyone can download to their own computer, bring to a company, and ask for support. It will be finish in a couple of days – it makes it easy for those that do not know how to explain.

What is ME?

Regularly updates at our Facebookpage and more seldom at our the blogsection.
This is our YouTube channel.

You will also find privat pictures available for the press in articles related to our press releases. You are welcome to use them on the condition that you, as a journalist either send a link to the article MEandYouFund(at) and note it as “Article about MEanYou”.
The pictures are on Maria Gjerpes blog, “MariasMetode.

This is our information video, with subtitles in English. There are videos in different languages on our YouTube channel 



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