A lot of you wonderful people ask me that question, and, of course, that is one of my favorite questions, besides the “How can we donate”-question.

The last first, since, as we all know, this is about money. Pay as much as you think you can afford, and not more than that:

1. How to donate:

A: Friends outside Norway:
The easiest way is through Pay Pal.
You do not need an Pay Pal – account, if you only have a card.

The second easiest is through your bankaccount:
Donate to account number


IBAN NO2424800845633

If you are asked for more info:
MEandYou, Fredensborgveien 24D,
0177 Oslo, Norway
(IMPORTANT: MEandYou in one word)

B: Fra Norge:
Det enkleste er å sende en sms til 2377.
Du vil finne en fullstendig oversikt på “Slik donerer jeg” ett klikk unna.

2. How to spread MEandYou across the world
Ask everyone that has a blog, is an admin on a forum, that has a website etc to spread the word about us.
We made a letter that you can cut and paste from, Tell you community.
We also wrote an article ready to publish, MEandYou. Join us!

We suggest that you send the letter as an introduction, and then link to the article in your mail. The article is ready-made and for everyone to use as it is.



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