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Imagine that your company and your employees would soon be able to say: “We helped to make a medical breakthrough happen. In a unique crowdfunding initiative, along with thousands of others, we took on a responsibility. We contributed to hundreds of thousands of seriously ill people to have a better life now.”  Do you think your employees would be proud of this? Do you think this would be a talking point, not only in the workplace, but in society at large?

Now two doctors at Haukeland University Hospital have had a breakthrough in their research on what might prove to be an effective form of treatment. So far a great number of patients have had a good response to this treatment. Our Chairman, Maria, herself a doctor, now feels healthy again after treatment at Haukeland University Hospital. Unfortunately, the public authorities did not choose to prioritize further research based on these findings and the whole project needs funding now. MEandYou wish to seek private funding for further research based on the work done by these two doctors.

10,000 workers in Norway have the disease ME. In the UK, the number of people affected is approximately 250,000, and in the US, a conservative estimate is 1 million people.

Many companies in Norway, and worldwide, are affected.

Employees can often be bedridden for years.

We are in close contact with Haukeland University Hospital and transfer funds regularly. We are registered in public registers and have an external auditor to keep our accounts.

If you choose to join in, we hope that you will show your community involvement by allowing us to promote you via our social media channels. Of course we will place your logo on our website and we will applaud you throughout our social media channels. We are starting to become quite visible, with a lot of dedicated fans who are doing a great job sharing information we post.

140 patients. 7 million Norwegian krone. 90 days.

We will make it happen. MEandYou.

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Please contact us at MeandYouFund (at) and put “Company” in the subject line.

We will create a letter with some information which you can download.


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