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The Newpaper from the town of Haukeland Hospital, BA, has been following MEandYou very closely and written several articles during the existence of MEanYou. As far as I know, they had a “Name in the New”-article on me in their paper-newspaper this weekend and a bigger article on net the same day. The netarticle looked like on the picture below. This is the translation:

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– Oh my, there is a while since I’ve been here. Last time I lay outstretched in a hospital bed, and was on my way to my first rituximab treatment, tells doctor, ME patient and activist Maria Gjerpe (45). Last week, she could hand over a check for nearly NOK 2.7 million to researchers at Haukeland Hospital. Photo: MAGNE Turøy

– I am happy when I hear skarre-r’s (that is how the dialect in Bergen sounds like) , sparkles Maria Gjerpe (45)

She went at school in Bergen, but returned to Oslo and a medical degree.

– I lived in Bergen from 1989-1992 and came to town because I would go on the media line at Fana folkhighschool at Store Milde. Fantastic place and wonderful time with Jostein Gaarder as one of many dedicated teachers, says Gjerpe.

At that time she did not know it was the ME-case that would bring her back to Bergen – again and again – as a speaker, patient and benefactor.

– I love Bergen, she states.

We meet her on a Thursday in June. Maria Gjerpe have just handed over a check for a staggering 2.679 million allocated to researchers Øystein Fluge and Olav Mella by cancer ward at Haukeland Hospital. This she has worked for since before Christmas last year. The last three months have crowns rolled in from home and abroad for the good case; We need more answers about the “mysterious ME disease”.

– Of course I’m happy to hear skarre-r’s. They remind me of the people of Bergen: A people who are alive and dare to take space – and that are just big smiles and laughter when the sun shows up at the wharf, says Gjerpe.

Cancer researchers can stand in front of a breakthrough in the experiments using the cancer drug Rituximab in the treatment of ME patients. Gjerpe even got treatment and experienced a dramatic improvement in their condition.

– I was knocked out 21 hours a day, she has previously told.

This spring she had more balls in the air than most. She has been the brains and the engine behind, the digital crowdfunding, She is a familiar figure in many communities today. Her blog, “Marias Method“, received grants from “The Free Speach Organization” in 2010. ( aim is to support freedom of expression and a free press)  She uses Facebook and Twitter, and her blog in a deliberate strategy to bring about change through insight.

– I am self-taught in social media. This is a new field. During 4.5 years of active use of many different social media channels, I have had contact with, and mirrors  thousands of people when I debated the health and welfare system, she says.

– To be heard, you have to listen, says Gjerpe.

Spin or spin is the professional marketing of politics, politicians and opinion and idea-based phenomena. On the web Gjerpe is a spin doctor.


We go from the airy atrium of The Park Building at Haukeland and inward in the slightly narrower hospital hallways. Last time she was in these corridors she lay completely eliminated in a hospital bed.

– Oh my, it is a while since I’ve been here. Last time I was knocked out in a hospital bed and rolled through the hallways here, she says, and moves to give space for one of the hospital porters.

She has been telling about her own illness and used her own story to arouse interest.

– It was necessary right now. I communicate with people, then I must dare to be a.

– What is private varies from person to person. Many people probably think that they know a lot about me, but that is not correct. I protect and cherish my privacy. I think this is wise. Especially when many have come to see me as a “public figure,” when times goes by, says Maria Gjerpe.


BA har fulgt veien nøye og skrevet flere saker underveis i MEandYou sin levetid. Så vidt jeg vet hadde de en “NAVN I NYHETENE”-sak om meg i papirutgaven på lørdag, og en større sak på nett samme dag. Nettsaken så slik ut. Trykk på bildet og les artikkelen på norsk:

Skjermbilde 2013-06-24 kl. 15.54.16


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