This is the message I got, from Tom, his wife, Christine, and their sons Andrew and Austin. “A gift coming to you”. Tom and I have been emailing since late march, like I have with a lot of people that want contact and more information.

Have any of you noticed people from all over the world, writing on our Facebookwall, messages like:

“I donated because Jesus Christ cares about M.E. and you. You have suffered too much and for too long. We hope this study will bring answers and relief as soon as possible.”

I have noticed. Whats going on? Well, Tom and his family are Christians and are a member of a huge community that cares. He told me that he was going to inform his community and he then sat up a meeting with them in early May.

Info meeting at church - May 5 2013 - Jesus Cares for M.E. and You









Christine and Tom made three films, where they explained how it was like for Tom to be sick -and showed it for their community.
You may watch and share them if you like. I think they explain very well how it feels like to have ME.

Part 1: The Problem of M.E.
Part 2: What’s Next for M.E.?
The third and last part, is about Tom and Christines campaing:

The result from the meeting was a great will to give and participate, as it usually is, when people understand that we are talking about REAL humans, who suffers – and that there might be a way to help them.

A garage-sale was made. Twice.
Christine writes to me: I wish you could have been here to see the garage sale!  Cars were constantly coming bringing donations for us to sell, or homemade candy, bread, cookies, pies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, nachos…you name it…or to shop or make a donation!









Tom and Christine tells me now that they has collected about 40 000 NOK through snack-bars, collections and garage sale. In addition to that, supporters from the community keeps donating to our Pay Pal account. Isn´t that amazing!

Christine in the middle: In support of Tom!

In support of Tom Jarret









Their wonderful sons, Austin and Andrew made their own snack-bar. Look how proud they seems to be!

Austin and Andrew on stand













“MEandYou -In support of my Dad”. The Dad, Tom, between his sons.

In support of my Dad









I write this post to show what is possible, if you ask for help – and meet friendly people who understand. Sometimes, it doesn’t  take to much. Sometimes you reach through – sometimes you don´t. But not have tried, is sure to give no result. I hope this story is of inspiration to others, that might do it differently, in their own way, like Tyr. Tyrs loved one has ME. Tyr collects empty bottles (which you get a refund from in Norway) and give the money to MEandYou.

David is sick with ME. He lives in Australia with his wife, Tracey. They are also putting up a garage-sale, and in addition, David has his birthday soon and came up with the idea: BIRTHDAY for ME, where they invites all their friends to instead giving David gifts, donate to MEandYou.

Actually, in Norway, Ole, a father of an ME-sick son, did the same for his 50-years anniversary. He collected thousands of kroner, which goes to MEandYou and research on ME.

You want to do something similar? Do not hesitate. Do it together with someone else. Its always easier and best to not be alone.

This post is a list og some of the tools you find at our website. Use them!

Yes. It IS about money and fund a clinical trial on ME.
This is how you give money. (scroll down!) 





One thought on “A gift coming to you – MEandYou – from Indianapolis, USA. Australia. And from Norway.

  1. Hi Maria,

    Another $200USD Just Deposited from all us in Australia,

    More to come very soon,
    All Our Love And Light,
    Dave And Familyxo

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